Three Things I’m Doing to Move My Writing Forward

Because stagnant and stalling and the like aren’t options.

When I say I’m working to move my writing forward, I’m talking about my writing career or the business of being a writer. The actual act of writing is the only thing anyone ever needs to do really to keep the writing itself moseying along. But living with the writing and finding ways to make it sustainable as the focus of one’s daily efforts, that’s what today’s list is aimed towards:

  1. Learning — I’m specifically learning various languages so that, should getting my MFA become a feasible option, I will be ready for any language/translation requirements my preferred graduate program may send my way.
  2. Researching — I’m looking for a literary agent. As of writing this, I have self-published six books in various genres, have the beginnings of three book series, and regularly blog for three sites I own and operate (two of which are designed to regularly result in the creation of more books). What I need help with is bridging the gap between self-publishing and traditional publishing.
  3. Writing — As stated above, moving writing forward means writing. It means not waiting to be in a graduate or in a contractual relationship with an agent. It means continuing to show up and do the work so that when those elements of your career that aren’t wholly in your career become aligned with what you want, you’re just f*cking ready.

I like to be prepared, that requires prep and execution. And those are things I can do.

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