The 100% Selfish Reason I Can’t Stop Thinking About Maybe Going to Graduate School

I want to be a mom.

I want to have a child (with or without a co-parent) and be able to support that child, to keep a roof over their head and food on their plate.

Being a writer doesn’t exactly scream “stability” or “steady income” even for those writers who have written multiple hits. Every “glory” can disappear as quickly as it first appears.

Writers often hold other jobs in order to support themselves; a series of part-time gigs to make ends meet, some well-paying j-o-b that has nothing to do with their avocation, or even a career in the publishing industry (including the teaching of other writers).

I recently “stalked” my way into being employed by a local bookshop. It’s enough for me so long as I’m on my own with zero dependents. But I want a dependent, someone to send off to school, someone to tie down with braces, someone to embarrass by saying “I love you” super-loud whenever their friends are so much as in my thoughts.

Let’s be clear: I don’t need to be a mom. I want it. Specifically, I want the option to say “YESSS” to being a mom.

And if I go to graduate school for a terminal degree and get a job as a professor at the university level, I’ll have a shot at just that.

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