Because what’s the point of a journey if you don’t want to get to the end of it?

Every quest, every fairy tale, begins with the hero wanting something: to reunite their family, to make their own way in the world, to save their immortal soul. Typically, in my guided journal, this is where you list what you want and pick what one thing to quest after. But, as is so often the case with the Seven-League Boots (available as a free preview in The Golden Goose Eggs Facebook group), this step is what gets a person journaling/journeying in the first place.

Yet it’s worth slowing your roll and writing out what it is you want anyway, because — like with my journey — we’ve often got some magical/logical thinking of what will be possible/probable once this central quest has been completed. So here’s my list, things that will certainly happen on the way to an MFA and things that I hope will happen on the way or as a result.

Wish List

I wish to get married.
I wish to start a family.
I wish to live closer to my niece and nephew.
I wish to write for a living.
I wish to help others write.
I wish to learn.
I wish to teach.
I wish to go back to school.
I wish to do well in school.
I wish to have a clean apartment.
I wish to have a tidy apartment.
I wish to have fewer things.
I wish to have more room.
I wish to have more shelves.
I wish to have more books.
I wish to be a mom.


Some things are clearly part of the MFA package, some the being-a-writer package, and some the being-Rosie package. There’s nothing wrong with wanting what you want. There’s nothing wrong with saying what you want.

There is something wrong with never taking action fulfill your wish (in a way that brings harm to none because let’s never forget to be neighborly, m’dears).

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