Learning to have more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

Very often we think that listening to our inner critic means we have to do what it says, which means nothing or maintain the status quo. Sometimes it just means looking directly at what it wants and finding a way to turn it around; turning negatives into positives, turning obstacles into opportunities, and all those other things that sound like horse-sh*t but are actually pretty damn useful.

So, here I go turning yesterday’s concerns into today’s motivation.

Possible Winnings

I will do myself the kindness of using the rigidity/stubbornness inherent to my OCD as a force for driving my discipline in and commitment to seeing this quest through to the end. I will create flex-points in my schedule and workshop etiquette so that I can remain open to new opportunities while remaining true to myself. I will hold a place for me to be me, and for those around me to be themselves.

I will be smart about making the most of this education-based journey. I will design guardrails for myself to rein in my reactive over-talking, focus my speaking efforts toward prompting others rather than spoon-feeding them whatever’s in my head til they gag on the spoon. I will practice my mudras of Openness, Cheerfulness, and Groundedness to help me maintain a more responsive stance with all I encounter.

I will do what I know to be right for me: treating every failure as an opportunity to learn; treating every lesson I learn as its own success; and, using every success as a springboard for my next attempt at something new.


Fingers crossed I fail again and again.

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