It’s time to make things happen the best way I know how.

I’m the kind of person who believes in practicing what you preach. Whether it’s love and kindness, leaning into your every paradox, or questing the crap out of your daily life. So I’ve decided to make my next quest public.

And to do it in accordance with the guided journal I wrote/designed/published called The Four Gifts You Carry.  So here we are on the unnumbered narrateme/lesson, taking stock of everything that’s coming with us from wherever we just were to wherever we’re going. It’s mostly a clear-the-air brain dump.

I won’t share everything I wrote on the first journaling page, but I will share the middling bit because it caught my eye.

Baggage Claim

Answering. Building. Communicating. Developing. Fielding. Growing. Helping. Iterating. Juggling. Kindling. Loving. Moving. Napping. Over-analyzing. Power-napping. Quiet. Rage. Stillness. Time. Understanding. Veneration. Wonder. XanaDon’t. Young’uns. Zero f*cks.


Can you see it? Not just the alphabet (which as soon as I noticed I leaned into to get napping in their twice), but the playfulness and readiness and self-awareness. There are thoughts and feelings to unpack even as I continue to heal my hoarding compulsion with homemaking habits so I have less to pack when I move (hopefully) closer to my sisters and the kids.

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