The Golden Goose Eggs

Fairy tales are not kid stuff. Fairy tales are not irrelevant or unrealistic or naively idealistic. Fairy tales are alive and complex and deftly touching every aspect of our lives.

I credit fairy tales with saving my life. Fairy tales, storytelling, facing and wondering at the dark and the light (neither of which are good or bad until we make use of them). And the more I dove into learning about fairy tales that more I saw them around me in all the everyday things.

With The Golden Goose Eggs I’m working to share everything I’ve learned and am continuing to learn through the stories of old by helping people set aside the surface details to get at the deeper threads that make every story a kind of Talking Mirror:

  • A new or revised article is published to the site every 20 days* with some having special boons published to the Facebook group ten days* later;
  • Every four days a new journaling prompt is shared to the group;
  • There’s a pair of essays and 100 days-worth of journaling prompts available for download when you sign up to have the articles delivered to your inbox;
  • My most recent book — The Four Gifts You Carry — was created to take people who believe in fairy tales (as much as being practical) deeper into applying the principles of Fairy Tale Living to their daily lives; and,
  • As an ongoing project, there is still so much to learn and share.
*Publication schedule currently under review.

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