Pamphlets, The Next Step In Listing All The Things

Listing things and making spreadsheets has done a lot of good in helping me to better manage my OCD, but now it’s time to better invite the people in my life into healthy-happy ally-ship.

Thinking ahead about my upcoming family trip, I’ve been brainstorming the best possible way to quickly and clearly get on the same page with various family members about what I need to do for me (OCD management) and how I hope they will be respectful of my progress (act as allies).

While in a particularly sour mood I thought about writing up a very thick case study, but that would only be met with derision given the very thorough prewritten/pre-recorded explanations given in the past being summarily ignored.

Also, given the lack of research on their part so far regarding OCD (despite the family history/genetic implications), it’s clear a more playful and succinct introductory level info guide would be better suited to Fairy Godmothering my family to help us all enjoy our time together.

Hence, pamphlets. There’s already the pop-culture link between OCD and pamphlets due to the character of Emma Pillsbury on Glee which was always playful, helpful, and ultimately the source of her character getting tenure which of the limited episodes I’ve seen is my favorite ever.

I may not be anxious about contamination or things being out of place, but I know the value of a good list/chart/graph/spreadsheet for my own purposes (stories we tell ourselves). And pamphlets are a succinct way to get the ball rolling in sharing what I’m learning with those who matter most (stories we tell each other).

And I already have the front and back cover text decided for the first vacation-related pamphlet I’m going to make:

So the magic runs out at midnight …

Managing Your Expectations Regarding My Energy Levels

Activities for which I will readily rally* (listed by preference):

  • Batting Cages
  • Go-Karts
  • Mini Golf
  • Bowling or Karaoke
    • tied in terms of preference
    • choose based on energy output for the day
      • higher energy output during the day, bowling at night
      • low to middling energy during the day, karaoke at night

*Rallying is likely to require a “bribe” of hot cocoa, a mudslide, a Yoo-hoo, a Pirate’s Life (a properly-shaken can of Yoo-hoo with a half-shot of rum), deep-fried Oreos, or other chocolate-based delight.

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