My Live Stream Writing Accountability Practice

Every morning from 9am-11am EST, I get writing — and certain items pertaining to the business of being a writer — done, and you are welcome to read-along/write-along with me.

I write my daily blogpost, queue up a project page from my site to post via buffer, and then work my Can-Do List for the day/my priority project. All of which is done screen-sharing almost everything.

I don’t look at the chat while I’m working because of my OCD and instead have time scheduled at the end of my live-stream (11am-11:30am EST) where I respond to all comments and questions.

This is all to make sure that I get my writing done. Just knowing that there’s the possibility that someone could tune in helps keep my butt in the chair and my eye on the prize. This helped me finished my most recent book, get my central website squared away, and now I’m gearing up to get The Penrose Trekkie squared away (for the which I am totally on track already).

This way of doing things is helping me get things done because:

  1. I’m doing it in the morning when I — as a legit af morning person — have energy to get things done;
  2. I screen-share almost everything I do as a digital accountability partner to whoever’s interested, which has the same motivational quality for me as being in a classroom or study hall (the only places where I consistently got work done growing up); and,
  3. The chats on YouTube and Twitch are kept in separate tabs to log all comments/questions without my being able to see that chat until it is time for me to click over, which allows me to work without my OCD distracting me because it knows it will “get its day in the sun” as soon as the writing time is done.

What helps you get your highest priority work done? How?

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