Morning Writing. Afternoon Homemaking.

Meet me on Instagram and let’s hold each other accountable with all the things.

I’ve always had trouble getting things done. On accident, I discovered in high school (and a little in college) that the inherent accountability of study hall was extremely helpful.

A designated time of day/week where people gather to get things done? Count me in. There are now 250+ archived live-streams of me sharing every step of whatever project I happened to be working on: planning, writing, designing, cleaning even.

At the start there was some solid community-building happening that made me really happy. Every conversation topic logged in a spreadsheet for future blog-posts (or other makings). And I got things done every day.

With the new j-o-b, my schedule changed and now it just doesn’t actually make sense to live-stream every morning I have to myself. But I still want that communal accountability practice. 

So I’ve taken the practice over to my IG stories and using the highlights feature to keep things “present” even on the mornings I’m at the j-o-b. But what I’ve already noticed with this shift that makes me all kinds of happy, is that I can now add in an accountability practice for building the homemaking habits I want as part of healing my hoarding compulsion.

Which means I’m basically doubling down on accountability and getting things done. And if you need in on some of that. Join me on Instagram.

You don’t even have to do things in the same time window I am, just while the week’s highlights are up. Comment on a story, tag me in one of your own, and I will be as on the lookout for your progress as you are for mine.

And helpfully-hopefully, little-by-little, we’ll build a better world through better storytelling.