Let There Be No End In Sight

What Little League and Michael Phelps can teach us about follow-through.

Playing softball as a kid, a good coach will tell kids not to stop at the base where they’re headed but to instead run through the base. Otherwise, kids get so focused on any given base that they will slow down as they close in on that base and increase their chances of getting tagged out before they get there.

Run through the base, not to it.

The year Michael Phelps got All The Medals, the most notable of those medals was when he sprinted full force til the end and his closest competitor glided at the final stretch. The glide allowed Phelps’ full speed space to catch up. At the next Winter Olympics, Phelps was the one gliding and someone else wasn’t slowing down for anything.

Swim like there is no wall in front of you.

When we don’t we enjoy something, all we’re hoping for is when the end finally comes in sight. But when we do? We hope it never ends.

Treat the good things like there’s no end in sight, that you have all the room in the world to run and jump and revel in it by running and jumping and reveling in it.

Stopping short is how you take it for granted. Stopping short is how you cheat yourself of all the fun that’s yet to come.

Go all out. Give it all you got. Give yourself all you got.