“Jesus, Take The Wheel!”

The joy of surrendering control (from time to time)

I am often the first to say that you should give yourself permission and dive in and take the lead and do the things and do all the things and if there’s something you can’t do then there’s a good chance it isn’t worth your time anyway.

I am also often the first to say that you should take of yourself and take time to rest and put your feet up and not be all gun-ho! all the live-long day.

Which is why it’s nice to let someone else be in charge and call the shots every now and again.

It’s nice letting your sweetie pick where you go out to eat. It’s nice watching a movie suggested by a Netflix algorithm. It’s nice having a job where you can clock in, do the thing, and clock out.

It’s nice because we are built to sleep and to wake, to automate and to innovate, to listen and to speak.

We aren’t meant to do all the things all the time. We are meant to take our time to give our best, and to give each other enough room to do the same.

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