I Have Decided to Get Ready for Graduate School

Because I’m ready to embark on the next 20-year journey of my life.

My previous journey of 20-some years was for my OCD diagnosis which every day I do significantly better at properly/actually managing. I did it (with help both of the useful sort and of the taking-me-completely-in-the-wrong-direction sort). So I, looking back, I feel confident in my ability to find and stick with a thing for the next couple of decades.

How about a family? Specifically, my getting married and raising children to adulthood together before deciding on our next shared multi-decade adventure together.

Wait, am I ready for marriage and babies? F*ck-no, absolutely not, but I am ready to lay the foundation for those things by creating a life for myself with breathing room for those things.

“Stalking” my way to a certain second job (for resume/cv-related reasons), questing my way into a graduate program closer to my sisters and the babies, and sternly saying “No” to myself when I want to date someone who “doesn’t know” if they believe in marriage or if they even want to have kids.

You know, the kind of decision-making this adulting thing is supposed to be made of.

Plus, prioritizing, which for now means taking that first step in the right direction (outside of the “stalking” which is always more interesting after the fact): planning My Graduate School Application Attack.

Feel free to take all the breaks you need to binge-watch all the Netflix shows. This is going to take awhile. About 20 years, I reckon.

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