Got More Throw Pillows Than Places To Throw Them? Nail Them To The Wall!

Okay, maybe don’t actually nail them to the wall (unless that’s a specific look you’re going for).

Buuut, you did buy all those pillows because they’re sooo pretty and they each have just the right amount of heft for your various snuggling needs …

What I’m really driving at is that I have a plethora of throw pillows (in relation to places where such things should be properly displayed) and now they’re all on the wall!

Here’s what happened:

  1. I’m a recovering hoarder. I want to get ride of stuff. I really do! But I also really don’t. Hence, plethora of throw pillows.
  2. My bed/couch is situated (quite picturesquely) between the windows of my apartment. So the wall-space right there is basically my headboard and I can’t just have anything hanging over the couch because in bed-mode I don’t want to be freaking out over whether it’s going to fall and bash my head in. Hence, primo real estate available for the right won’t-bash-my-head-in piece of art.
  3. In working to heal my hoarding compulsion with homemaking habits, I thought it might help to study the bagua compass to give me some further guidelines (which are ever-so-soothing to anxiety, you guys). Turns out, the directions/areas aren’t associated with areas/categories of your life but family dynamics/aspects of nature/body parts/etc. And the compass-point between my windows is associated with (according to my research) the Warrior Hero, Mountains, Resting, and The HAND.
  4. When I first moved to Providence, my Gramma made me a green felt pillow in the shape of a hand in case I ever needed a hand and tied some ribbon around the index finger to help me remember I’m awesome. Grandmothers, am I right?
  5. There was already a single nail in that wall from all previous attempts to find the right art. So, a safety pin in a felt middle finger and up went the hand.
  6. And then I went on CVS-run/quest for more safety pins.
  7. And then I pinned all the pillows, put more nails in the wall, and hung the beauties.

At some point I will refine and film and overall better document the process. But, for now, I’m just real proud of myself for finally filling that space in a way that didn’t take a huge amount of time and wasn’t at all expensive and mostly made use of soft things around the house that happen to be worthy of display.

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