Fairy Godmothers Nudge

It’s not a Fairy Godmother’s job to give away all the answers or otherwise strip you of your responsibility in a given situation.

Fairy Godmothers test you to see how you measure up against your own stated values and beliefs.

Fairy Godmothers prompt you with questions that help you consider other possibilities.

Fairy Godmothers generously give just enough for you to get the ball rolling yourself in making your dreams a reality.

Are there Fairy Godmothers who spoil their godchildren? Yes, but only ever on accident, and they are quick to remedy the situation with the proper testing/prompting/generosity.

There once was a Fairy Godmother (very new to the job) who blessed a pair of godchildren with good looks. Everyone doted on them because they were so beautiful and their lives became so easy and free of hardship that they grew complacent and bored and spoiled. Knowing at least that every virtuous life contains at least some hardship, some challenge, some call to rise to the occasion, the Fairy Godmother generously sent a second blessing to guide them back to goodness.

She sent a little trouble, not too much. She marred the ease of their life ever-so-slightly so that they were forced to adapt or remain miserable forever.

It goes that way sometimes; a Fairy Godmother makes an error and takes ownership of that error and corrects that error. A habit all godchildren would do well to model.

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