Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Helps to Reduce the Rando-Cries

Crying is a kind of relief valve, a path of least resistance for when any pressure becomes too much.

The effectiveness of crying as a relief valve is typically referred to as catharsis.

Yet crying can often end with the individual crying needing to rest, a sign that rest is a kind of bypass relief valve that allows a given pressure to cycle rather than pass through our system for thorough processing.

With a regular sleep schedule (same time up, same time down, every day based on what you feel is best for you), you regularly help process emotional pressure/stress which helps to prevent more exhaustive episodes of crying.

While sometimes it’s nice to cry (hence the demand for tear-jerkers) — even necessary — it’s also nice to do the other necessary thing of resting.

And as someone whose panic attacks sometimes take the form of full-on weeping, I’ll gladly prevent work to prevent such dehydration by sleeping.

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