Unless You’re Dead, You Have Time to Breathe

When we talking about breathing room, it’s worth taking what’s being said as literal as possible.

Stop saying “I don’t have time to breathe” and start counting your breaths as you take them.

Stop repeating that Lincoln quote about how many breaths you took versus how many moments your breath was taken away, and start repeating words of thanks to your subconscious for keeping the breathing going even when you’re unconscious.

Stop saying “I don’t have room to breathe” and start acknowledging that being capable of consciously controlling your breath all damn day is what makes you able to say anything.

Count your breaths, they are blessings. Thank your lungs, they are blessings. Use your voice, because — vocal chords or hands or blinking eye — that’s how you share your blessings.

Every breath counts.

Also published on Medium.