Wonder Tales

Humble beginnings, stories of old for modern times, endings happy and sad and everywhere along the spectrum in between.

Currently at work on my first collection of 26 fairy tales without the lame-isms. The linked stories are currently available online (some to read and some to hear) while the unlinked titles are subject to change as I go (but, then again, isn’t everything?):

  1. The Question & the Answer
  2. The Lion In Love
  3. The Girl and the Goldfinch
  4. The Thrush Who Left Home to Live Among the Starlings
  5. The Dragon & The Phoenix
  6. Waltzing Mathilde
  7. The Scrap-Bag
  8. Princess Waste-Not (almost finished)
  9. The Field of Study
  10. The Bennu Bird & The Three Visitors
  11. The Snake At Home
  12. Under the Roses (may have frame story added on)
  13. The Swift in Flight
  14. The Magician and the Goose-Girl
  15. The Nesting Doll
  16. Babcia Złota at the Well
  17. Dormiveglia (may have frame story added on)
  18. The Fox Treasure
  19. The Elephant Pearl
  20. The Eye of the Storm (coming soon)
  21. Twice Mine
  22. The Gift of a Song
  23. The Touch of Fire
  24. The Pit
  25. The Crane Woman
  26. The Suit of Bells

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