About the Author

Rose Jermusyk is a singer-storyteller who grew up under a rock shaped like Bill Murray, and whose favorite Disney princess forever shall be Claire in Scrooged. Neighbor is a contributing writer for EAP: The Magazine and would like to be published by Fairy Tale Review at some point. However, from projects big (such as The Golden Goose Eggs and The Penrose Trekkie) to small (like I Need a New Home or The Seven-League Boots) neighbor has no qualms about self-publishing all the things. Rose lives in Providence, Rhode lsland.

A Better World Through Better Storytelling

No life is some long, unchanging story. We are each of us a library with ever-growing fields of study and collections of stories, and we have only to pick up whatsoever volume we wish and just make it happen.

When we improve the stories we tell ourselves, we improve the stories we tell each other, and from there we improve the stories we tell together as a society.

Pick a story, tell it better, make it happen.