Quest: The Golden Goose Eggs

December 2015 to Present. Have the fairy tales without the lame-isms and live happily ever out there. Lessons and resources for folks who believe in magic as much as being practical.
  • 31 Days of Narratemes | free course | a framework for practicing self-care through every step of your chosen quest, one day at a time.

Current Projects

The Mystic Of Faith

June 2017 to Present. Catholic Tarot Readings: see the patterns at work in your life; seek guidance from the tarot and the communion of saints; and, align your path with Divine Will.

Sewing* Circle

January 2017 to Present. A night for makers of different types to meet up, sit together and make stuff. It’s less about the final products and more about hanging out and making things together. *Common projects include knitting, hand-sewing, embroidery, origami, drawing, soldering, beadwork, whittling and weaving.

The Penrose Trekkie

January 2013 to Present. Verse: the flowing frontier. These are the voyages of The Penrose Trekkie. Her ongoing mission: to explore strange, old ways; to seek out new themes and new philosophies; to boldly compose what no poet has composed before.

Publications & Performances



Random Bearings

Self-Publishing. An epic pantoum line-by-line inspired by the now-defunct Missed Connections website.

The Snake At Home

October 1, 2017. EAP: The Magazine.

Get Cozy With Rozy

Semi-retired performance art piece. A chipmunk-voiced self-professed “Coziness Expert” who’s an unabashed member of #BachelorNation.

Waltzing Mathilde

December 31, 2016. EAP: The Magazine.

Little Red Riding Hood, a wonder-telling

October 16, 2016. LUNA LOBA: The Hunter Moon.

The Thrush Who Left Home to Live Among the Starlings

September 30, 2016. EAP: The Magazine.


August 29, 2016. The Laugh of the Medusa // Sound.

The Girl and the Goldfinch

July 1, 2016. EAP: The Magazine.

Wonder Tales, storytelling

June 12, 2016. Blooming Bazaar.

The Question & The Answer

March 31, 2016. EAP: The Magazine.

Spring Cleansing, a ritual

March 27, 2016. LUNA LOBA: The Worm Moon.

Wonder Tales, street & theatric performances

July 21-25, 2015. FringePVD.

Wonder Tales, storytelling

May 28, 2014. Cento: A Collage of Providence Literary Voices

Featured Reading

September 7, 2012. 2nd Saturday Poets.

I Need a New Home

Self-Published, May 2012. A picture book about growing into yourself.

Lying to Children

Self-Published, November 2011. The collected poems of the Kickstarter project of the same name with each poem being inspired by a different lie told to a child by an adult.


September 1, 2011. EAP: The Magazine.


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Wilmington University. BA, Class of 2012.

Limitation is an invitation to be limitless, to build a better world through better storytelling. So we all live happily ever out there.